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Tired of harassing phone calls from creditors?

Losing sleep at night over the inability to pay your bills?

Unemployed?  Loss of income?  Foreclosure? 

Medical Bills?  Credit Cards?



Your Temecula Bankruptcy Attorney is Here to Help!

  • Eliminate the second mortgage on your home.
  • Stop Harassing Telephone Calls.
  • Stop Collection Letters.
  • Stop Lawsuits, Wage Garnishments.
  • Stop Bank Attachments.
  • Stop Evictions, Foreclosures and Repossessions.
  • Save Your House and Business.
  • Get Rid of all Dischargeable Debt, such as Credit Card Debt, Medical Bills and Personal Loans.
  • Get Rid of all Dischargeable IRS and State Taxes.
  • Debt Consolidation or Bankruptcy?

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